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Presentation Topics and Dates

Week 3: R 12.18

Dan Wolterbeek, Are Mental Illnesses Natural Kinds?

Chris Steves, Are There Emergent Properties?

Week 4: T 1.6

Elena Small, When Do Humans Become Conscious?

Alex Sojda, Can AI Replace Humans?

R 1.8

Trevor Blanarik, At What Level Does Natural Selection Operate?

Week 5: T 1.13

John Dean, The Many-Universes Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Eric Kisner, Is Consciousness a Brain Process?

Week 6: T 1.20

Greg Puleo, Uses and Misuses of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem

R 1.22

Mark Wallingford, Mike Brindak, & Greg Hrinda, The Topography of Time

Week 7: T 1.27

Dan Amos & Kyle Otto, The Chinese Room Problem and AI

Peter Talarico & Parker Doelger, Chaos Theory and Determinism

R 1.29

Tony Perrone, Are There Laws in the Social Sciences?

Carl Felice, Why Creationism Is Not a Science

Week 8: T 2.3

Ben Mielenhausen, Ethical Issues with Human Cloning

R 2.5

Jonathan Steffens, Cameron Harbold, & Chris Fischer, Physics and the Nature of Laws

Week 9: T 2.10

Matt Harrington, Does the Truth of Quantum Theory Matter to Most Physical Applications?

Bryce Carey, The Large Hadron Collider

R 2.12

Eban Ploof, Cryptozoology

Erik Lewis, Can We Measure Happiness, and Why Would We Want To?

Week 10: T 2.17

Alex Kern, Global Warming and Controversy

Tim Page, Problems with String Theory

Natan Lafontaine, Qualia

R 2.19

Chris Pinto, Sam Davis, Ryan Maier, and Connor Bennette, Various Case Studies in Science, Politics, and Ethics

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