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Creationism and Intelligent Design February 5, 2009

Posted by cpf5875 in Philosophy of biology.

According to the Creationist point of view, the Earth (the universe) was created by God in six days approximately 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.  In those six days, God created every single living plant and animal that is inhabiting the world today.   This point of view is taken from the book of Genesis from the Bible.   Is this view of the origin of life on this planet science?

A claim that a supernatural being created the world as we know it is not in the realm of science.   Many of the events that are claimed to have taken place in the book of Genesis have been disproved by geologic evidence, fossil records, and radioactive dating.  In order for a claim to have scientific value there must be either an confirmation or a falsification of hypotheses, observations, and/or theories.  In the scientific community, a theory must have been, through observation and testing, proven probably.  In Creationism, there are no conjectures which have not been falsified already.  Any theory that hasbeen proven false, cannot not possibly be confirmed.  There is no scientific evidence to support the claims of Creationists.  There are simply conjectures and speculations about the origins of the world and radical claims made to uphold the Biblical teachings of the origins of life on Earth.

Even though there are scarce people in the scientific community who believe in the creationist claim (I fear to say none because you never know who is out there), there are many well respected scientists who believe in Intelligent Design (ID).  This is the belief that a creator (God) laid out a master plan for the creation of the Universe and Life as we know on the planet Earth.  This theory differs from Creationism by not limiting the origins of life and the Universe to the writings and teachings of religious doctrine.  In fact, God and the Bible are not encouraged to be discussed when referring to Intelligent Design.  The age of the Earth according to most IDers is what the scientific community have deemed it to be, approx. 4.5 billion years old.  IDers do not believe a great flood took place or that the Earth was created in six days.  In fact, most scientific claims which have proven to be irrefutable (ie the age of the earth, gravity, newtons laws…etc) are supported by ID.  However, the big question is evolution.  ID claims that many (if not all) biological systems are far too complex to have evolved from simpler systems by natural selection and mutation. 

Like Creationism, ID does have that one thing in common which denies any credibility it has as a science.  The term Creator is used to show a divine and intelligent order to the Universe.  Just because the term GOD is not used, does not mean that there is no religion involved.  The words used become twisted to give the illusion of non-religion and legitimate science.  Theistic Supernatural, Creator, Intelligent Design, and the latest euphemism provided by Kyle (thank you Kyle, i especially get a kick out of this)  “Sudden Emergence”.  Sounds like a miracle to me.  A clear demarcation criterion for science has become increasingly difficult to find.  However, if the term “insert miracle here” is needed to explain a theory, that is not science.


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