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Gestalt Switch January 9, 2009

Posted by ebrister in Kuhn.

We discussed Kuhn’s comment that scientific revolutions require something like a Gestalt Switch: a scientist can’t operate in the old paradigm after having been converted to a completely different way of conceptualizing the world through the new paradigm.



In that discussion, I promised some images to illustrate a Gestalt psychology, such as the vase-face and duck-rabbit illusions which play on different perceptions of image and ground.



Trevor passed on a similar illusion of a figure spinning in two directions (which I, frankly, can’t see. Oh wait! Now I do!). The other illusions on this site are also cool!



1. Philosophy_Student - January 18, 2009
2. David Resnik - November 8, 2012

Can I use you images for a philosophy of science paper I am working on?

3. ebrister - November 8, 2012

David, they’re not mine. I picked them up off the web somewhere. Try the Wikipedia commons for the duck-rabbit illusion (it’s in the public domain) and the cup-faces paradox. The information is on these pages:

Good luck, EB

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